2015 Spring Meeting

The annual DAMR spring meeting took place on Thursday 28 May 2015. The meeting was organised in cooperation with the Leiden Interdisciplinary Migration Seminars (LIMS). The theme of the meeting was 'Child and Migration'. The programme will include senior researchers from different disciplines who will reflect on this theme and junior researchers who will reflect on their presentations.


"Child & Migration"
28 May 2015

Location: Grotiuszaal (A0.51) of the Law faculty of Leiden University

(Where to find the law faculty)

12.45 Welcome and registration

13.15 Peter Rodrigues (Law): Children and migration from a legal perspective

13.35 Discussant: Kristin Soraya Batmanghelichi (Area Studies)

13.45 Marlou Schrover (History): A historical perspective on inter-country adoption

14.05 Discussant: Simona Florescu (Law)

14.15 Francesco Ragazzi (International Relations): Policing radicals: the effects of counter-terrorism on the management
of diversity in Europe

14.35 Discussant: Irial Glynn

14.45 Coffee break

15.15 Maria Yazdanbakhsh (Medicine): Urban-rural differences in the gene expression profiles of Ghanaian children

15.35 Discussant: Jonna Both (Anthropology)

15.45 Jose van Santen (Inst. Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology): tbc

16.05 Discussant: Djamila Schans (Sociology)

16.15 Aone van Engelenhoven (LIAS/LUCL): Mending Torn Stories: Creating a Narrative Identity in The Moluccan Community in The Netherlands

16.35 Discussant: Liesbeth Rosen Jacobson (History)

16.45 Drinks @ Sijthoff