Online Workshop on 'Challenges and Priorities of migration research in the Global North and South’

Online Workshop on 'Challenges and Priorities of migration research in the Global North and South’
When: May 20, 2022
Where: Online (Zoom)

This workshop is a collaboration between Maastricht University (the Netherlands), Wolaita Sodo University (Ethiopia) and Dutch Association for Migration Research (DAMR).

The objective of this 1-day Online workshop is to create a learning and networking platform for early career researchers in the Global North and Global South to discuss how they approach migration research.

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Call for Proposals: DAMR PhD Events 2021/2022

Call for Proposals: (Online) PhD Event 2021/2022

DAMR seeks to actively engage with PhD researchers working on migration issues. For this aim, the DAMR gives young researchers the opportunity to organize academic events. The proposed events can be workshops, panel debates, or other innovative events that bring together academic researchers and/or engage with a wider audience. The focus of the event can be on a wide range of issues related to migration debates around the world, and relate to different dimensions of the phenomenon. However, activities that have an interdisciplinary approach and involve early career members from various institutions are particularly encouraged. As DAMR is committed to facilitating dialogue between academics, also during ever changing conditions in the global pandemic, we accept proposals for organizing workshops, seminars or other events online and/or offline.

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DAMR 2019 PhD Workshop - Exernalization of Migration Management

At the 19th of September, the Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research (NNHRR) in collaboration with DAMR organized a PhD workshop on the topic of 'Legal Implications of the European Trends in the Externalisation of Migration Management' at Radboud University. Find a short report and some pictures from the event in this article.

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Save the date: DAMR Event Mixed Methods

Join us on October 21st and 22nd this year for a virtual conference on mixing methods in migration studies. Moving beyond whether or not mixing methods is a valuable endeavor, this conference aims to address practicalities and best practices in mixed methods research. With keynotes from Jørgen Carling and Rossalina Latcheva as well as workshops on topics such as publishing mixed methods research, we are convinced this conference will spark a fruitful conversation and future collaborations.

More information via the flyer.

(Meta)Narratives on Migration films

A context - specific approach - PhD Workshop, 21 November 2017, Utrecht
The workshop was financed by DAMR and convened by Vassilis Gerasopoulos and Dr. Nilay Kavur from Utrecht University. It covered a selection of films produced in different European countries with an endeavor to 'read' the language of films that have dealt with the experience of migration - both the experiences of the displaced, and the receiving populations.

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Looking back: DAMR PhD Event, Exploring Migration in Rural Areas

In June 2021, a group of early-career researchers with an interest in rural areas got together online for the 2021 DAMR PhD event. While a lot of migration research revolves around big cities which attract large numbers of migrants, attention has been broadening as more and more research projects address migration into rural and marginalized areas around the world. The two sessions of this DAMR PhD event allowed early career researchers working on migration related topics in rural and marginalized areas to come together to exchange with each other and with advanced researchers from both rural and migration studies about methodological and theoretical challenges. In this short contribution, Jana Finke - one of the events' organizers - reflects on the two-day session.

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Invitation DAMR PhD event: Exploring Migration in Rural Areas

A large part of research in migration studies focuses on urban centers. Context-specific social processes surrounding international migration to and diversity in rural regions, small villages and marginalized, or downscaled, areas have been widely omitted by scholarship and policy. However, the often specific social make-up, community structures and spatial developments in those areas, may bring about dynamics that are different from those in big cities.

This workshop invites early career researchers, PhD candidates, post-Doc researchers and master students, who are keen to shift, decenter or broaden the focus on international migration into rural areas to come together.

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Pitch, Mix & Match Session Session

Bridging the gap between research and policy: Pitch, Match & Mix session among researchers and policy makers took place in the Hague on October 10, 2018 as a collaboration between DAMR, WODC and the Department of Migration Policy of the Dutch Ministry of Justice. Thanks to all the participants.

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DAMR Fall Meeting 2017

The Dutch Association for Migration Research & the University of Amsterdam’s Institute for Migration & Ethnic Studies invite you for the DAMR Fall Meeting 2017:
Challenging Categorization in Migration Policy and Research

Download the programme in pdf

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