The Dutch Association for Migration Research (DAMR) aims to increase the scientific standing of migration research by emphasizing on research methodology, theory formation and attention for the societal relevance of migration research. A specific objective of the association is to bring together PhD candidates and young researchers to stimulate interaction and scientific discussion. DAMR is an interdisciplinary association in which different disciplines covering the broad field of migration come together. In this way, the association seeks to stimulate interdisciplinary and inter-university research.

Invitation DAMR PhD event: Exploring Migration in Rural Areas

A large part of research in migration studies focuses on urban centers. Context-specific social processes surrounding international migration to and diversity in rural regions, small villages and marginalized, or downscaled, areas have been widely omitted by scholarship and policy. However, the often specific social make-up, community structures and spatial developments in those areas, may bring about dynamics that are different from those in big cities.

This workshop invites early career researchers, PhD candidates, post-Doc researchers and master students, who are keen to shift, decenter or broaden the focus on international migration into rural areas to come together.

The workshop consists of two parts: a first co-creation session in which we will explore topics/questions on conceptual and methodological issues of migration research in rural areas. The outcomes of this session will provide input for the second part, a panel discussion with notable rural scholars: Prof. Michael Woods, Prof. Birgit Glorius, Dr. Marlies Meijer, Prof. Sarah Neal and Dr. Rosario Sampredro. The panel will be followed by small-group workshops with the speakers, and provides the ability for the participants to further dive into a specific question or issue.


The event will consist of two sessions, the first takes place on 2nd June 2021, 10-12.30h and requires a short preparation exercise a few days before the meeting. The second meeting is on 16th June 10-12 and 14-16h

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