The Dutch Association for Migration Research (DAMR) aims to increase the scientific standing of migration research by emphasizing on research methodology, theory formation and attention for the societal relevance of migration research. A specific objective of the association is to bring together PhD candidates and young researchers to stimulate interaction and scientific discussion. DAMR is an interdisciplinary association in which different disciplines covering the broad field of migration come together. In this way, the association seeks to stimulate interdisciplinary and inter-university research.

DAMR Pitch and Mix Session 2019

DAMR organizes an annual Pitch and Mix session, together with colleagues at WODC and the Directorate General for Migration (Ministry of Justice and Security). In these sessions, academic researchers and policy officers have the opportunity to exchange ideas on research and get to know the important/salient issues in migration in the Netherlands.

We organized a succesfull edition of this event on the 31st of October, which took place in the 'living room' of the Directorate General. After the short pitches and the initial responses from policy officers, teams got together in smaller groups to talk about the proposed research more in depth. Topics that we dealt with this year ranged from Brexit, legal migration and country of origin information, to new formats for the reception of refugees, human rights, international migration management and institutional trust among statusholders. Next to WODC and ACVZ researchers, academics from Utrecht University, the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, Maastricht University, VU Amsterdam and the European Migration Network joined this fruitfull afternoon, to present their ideas and insights. We would like to thank all of you for a great afternoon!